Exhibition stand


We have designed and manufactured Exhibition stands for over 20 years. When you participate in an event, one of the most important goals is for your customers to notice and remember your company. We help your company to design your trade fair stand and ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Modular stand

Using our own aluminium structure system we are able to quickly and cost-effectively build a diverse range of modular stands. The standard colour for wall panels is pearl grey, but they are also available in different colours. Stocked colours are white, blue, red, black, cherry and beech.

Walls can be taped in the colour of your choice or be decorated with logos, tape or full-size prints. Our trade fair structures feature a technically sturdy structure and lightweight, durable wall elements. For store buildings, a grooved panel wall can also be added to the system to allow for versatile product presentation on walls.


If traditional trade fair stands are not suitable for your premises or event, you can opt for lightweight construction. We have been carrying out lightweight construction in cooperation with many educational event and conference organisers for years. This kind of construction allows for an eye-catching yet simple and quick build.


Design stand

We always design and manufacture the most challenging design stands from scratch in accordance with the customer’s wishes. We also design the visual look of the customer’s stand using 3D technology, whose clear pictures make it easy to see the appearance and functionality of the stand. We can also take care of the customer’s exhibition activities on a yearly level if a designed stand is taken to several different events. In addition to the stand structure, all trade fair material such as large prints, etc. travel with the stand and we store it between exhibitions.


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