AALTO TALENT 2023 additional order

WS-Expogroup Oy is responsible for the construction of Aalto Talent´s stands.

Contact person in WS-Expogroup is Katja Mylläri [email protected] / tel 041 5370 103.

You have reserved an exhibition stand from Aalto University, which is either size

1×2 (mini booth 2m2), 2x2m (4m2), 2×4 (8m2) or 2x6m (12m2).


If you have reserved a branded wall for your stand, you can find the material instructions according to the stand size here:

Mini booth and 4m2 material instructions

8m2 material instructions

12m2 material instructions

If you wish you can order double branding for your stand, i.e. a impressive large-format print on the side wall.

The price of double branding 350 € + alv 24 % (invoicing via WS-Expogroup).

Note! Double branding is only possible for the stand for which normal branding has been selected during registration.

This price does not include the stand’s basic branding, which is billed by Aalto University.

Wall size 2 x 2,5m (W x H). The material instructions here:

Double branding for 4m2 ja 8m2 booth material instructions

Please, check that the materials for the brand wall have been made in accordance with materials guidelines. If the subject material is not made according to the instructions, we cannot guarantee high image quality for a large image.

Materials ready for printing must be sent to us no later than October 1, 2023.

Carpet and furniture orders

The booth reservation includes a yellow fair carpet.
If you want to change the color of the carpet, choose the color of the carpet from the carpet options. The price of the carpet in different colors is 9,50€/m2. In addition, the booth reservation includes ledspotlights with arm (the number of pieces depends on the booth size), booth electricity, and the Aalto University information sign.

Note! The mini stand does not include ledspotlights with arm.

You can place the necessary furniture orders for your department according to the instructions below.

1. Choose the products you want and add them to your Shopping cart.

2. When you are ready, open the cart and push the checkout button. 

3. Fill your billing details.

4. Products are not invoiced during the order phase. You will receive a confirmation or your order later in your email and we will send it when the transaction is completed.

Deadline for orders: October 1, 2023.

We charge a 50% surcharge for orders received after the return date. If the exhibitor cancels his order later than two weeks before the start of construction of the event, 50% of the product price will be charged as labor costs. For technical orders, 100%.

The exhibitor is obliged to  compensate  damage caused, lost or damaged structures, furniture and AV equipment for their full value.

Double branding


EXPO carpet








Other furniture




AV- Products